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Shaanxi Dongfang Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Shaanxi Dongfang Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise of AVIC, located in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. We are the earliest company entitled as a State High-Tech Corporation and are considered as the technology center in Shaanxi Province. Now our company has fixed assets of RMB 237 million and 1,400 sets of equipment. We can offer heat treatment, punching, welding, centrifugal casting, final assembling, physical and chemical testing, measuring and inspecting services. We have 40 sets of high precision test equipment, such as 5-axis linkage machining centers, numerical control cars (NC), computerized numerical turn-milling control centers, three combined test equipment and three-coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Advanced techniques and talents have greatly improved our R&D capability, manufacturing level and product quality. Our self-research products have got Intellectual property rights. Our new and high-tech products ZHUNDA torque wrenches have been praised by international customers due to high precision, complete ranges of sizes from 0.2N.m to 20,000N.m, stable performance, convenient usage and long life span. We have more than 20 invention patents. Our ZHUNDA torque wrenches have been widely used in aviation, space, fight, railways, boats and ships, automobiles, motorcycles, wind power, petroleum, bridges and electrical and internal-combustion engine industries. ZHUNDA torque wrenches have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions. In 2006, ZHUNDA (trademark) has been approved as the famous brand of Shaanxi Province. ZHUNDA products are our backbone products in our company. Our company has advanced technologies and a pragmatic, efficient and passionate team. We have become the strongest and largest professional torque wrench manufacturer in China. ZHUNDA torque wrenches have achieved the national standard of GB/T15729 General Technical Condition of Brand Torque and ISO6789-92 International Standard. We have obtained measurement equipment production license, and also many national invention patents. We absolutely execute International Quality Standard GB/T19001-2000, and got quality management system certificate, which was issued by China Xinshidai Certification Agency. We have an effective, pragmatic and passionate working team. Our products mainly include NB (D) and TW series of mechanical torque wrenches, SNB and CNB series of digital torque wrenches, ZNB series of dial indication torque wrenches, YNB series of hydraulic torque wrenches, NQG and NQY series of torque screwdrivers, NZ series of torque multipliers, TLS series of digital force gauges and NJ series of torque wrench testers.

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