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Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

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​JC640 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge/ Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge Overview

Specially designed for high-end supporting high-standard customers, and developed and manufactured jointly by a foreign company and us, JC640 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge/ Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge serves as a pressure measurement instrument controlled by a high-accuracy microprocessor, which utilizes the low-power signal processor to send pressure signal to the microprocessor. The pressure sensor adopted is HELM made high-accuracy and high-stability product that is compatible with electric devices of the intelligent pressure gauge.This intelligent digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD display and high-brightness LED digital display, with such functions as zero clearing, backlight, startup & shutdown, unit switching and low voltage alarm. It is easy to operate and convenient to install.This battery-powered product is light-weight, so it is applicable to various pressure fields including portable pressure measurement, equipment matching and calibration equipment, etc..This standard product can be extensively used in different places. Under the precondition of guaranteeing specific quantity and application, our design team can redesign or improve the product according to customers' specific requirements, so as to meet special requirements during application.JC640 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge/ Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge Features-Stainless steel dial can be chosen in multiple diameters, and can be installed axially or radially-Wide range of operating temperature, high overall measuring accuracy and good long-term stability-Battery-powered. Low-power design can last up to 24 months-Its maximum and minimum value recording function can be used for peak recording-Four-bit LCD display screen displays pressure in a real-time way, and four-bit LED digital display screen displays pressure in a real-time way-Substitute pointer precision pressure gauges can be used as standard pressure gauges for calibrating pressure products and equipmentJC640 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge/ Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge Applications-Equipment automation-Construction machinery and equipment-Medical equipment -Pump and compressor-Energy and heat supply-Pressure laboratory-Machinery and electronics industry -Hydraulic and pneumatic systems -Substitute pointer precision pressure gauge-Complete sets of instruments and apparatuses

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